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There are not many rules or regulations as far as exploration goes.  Whenever you are entering a system that your empire has not explored you are exploring it.  The first ship to enter a new system must be a jump capable ship.  The turn after the ship enters the system the results are sent to the player.

Although it is possible for the player to use the same ship for exploration and diplomacy it is not recommended.  During exploration there are random events that could occur.  And some of these random events may result in the damaging or destruction of the exploring ship.  If the ship is destroyed then the player must wait for another of the exploration teams to be trained as per the rules in the "New Planets" section.

If a player has a Full Alliance with another player, both players gain the results of exploration.  Otherwise, only the player doing the exploration gains the results and any other player entering the system has to explore it as well.

Send any intentions of exploring to the following address:

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