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In order to acquire more planets, you must either conquer some of you enemies planets or send a diplomatic mission to an unclaimed planet. In order to conquer a system, you must have destroyed all of the enemy ships in the system and then bombard the planet.. Bombarding a planet is no more than turning all of your weapons on it and firing at it. There is a slight chance that some of your ships will be damaged during a bombardment by planetary defense batteries. Whether or not ships are damaged during a bombardment is determined by the Game Masters. After bombardment, the planet is yours. However, for the next 10 turns the planet will only produce 30 Mc (1/4 normal production) and after this period of time, the production rises to 90 (3/4 normal production.) The planet will never recover it's full production capabilities. 

If you loose your homeworld to the enemy, you can no longer earn credits or produce ships until you have reclaimed it so it is a good idea to have your homeworld heavily defended. The odds of your ships being damaged while you're bombarding a homeworld increase by 600%. 

If you decide to go for the more peaceful approach to getting more planets you can send out a diplomatic mission. To do this, post what system you are sending your diplomatic team to. You may only have one diplomatic team in operation at one time. The diplomatic team is situated on your homeworld. A diplomatic team must ride on a capital ship with jump point capability. 

Once your team arrives, they immediately get to work. After a few turns you will receive a report via e-mail from a game master on whether your diplomatic team has been successful or not. If not, you will be asked if you want the team to continue. Once your team is successful in its mission, it automatically returns to your homeworld to receive new orders. 

If your diplomatic team is destroyed through random event, sabotage, or otherwise it will take 4 turns for another one to be acquired.

Any new colony produces 60 Mc per turn.

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