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Once the Mc is transported to the home world, it may be used in whatever way the player sees fit.  The most obvious thing would be to use it to acquire more ships, fighters, satellites, etc. To do this simply state in your turns what ship class you are purchasing and how much it is. Then subtract that amount from your stockpiled Mc and post that as well.

A ship that is bought may not be used until the next turn. After that, it is at the homeworld and available for orders. The exceptions for this are fighters and defense satellites. They may be deployed to any of the systems owned by the player.

Restrictions on the above statement do apply. If a system is currently under attack or blockade then fighters and satellites may NOT be deployed to it.

All ships have something called a Ship Control Sheet (SCS). This gives you a graphical breakdown of each of the systems on the ship. The total number of boxes in a system denotes the total number of hit points the system can take before it is destroyed. There is also a number with a circle around it near each system. This indicates the armour level.

Armour is thick plates of metal that take damage for a structure instead of the structure itself being damaged. For example: A system can take 4 hit points and has 4 armour. This system gets hit with a weapon of a force of 7 hit points. 4 of that 7 is absorbed by the armour, with no damage to the structure. However, the remaining 3 hit points pierce the armour and damage the structure leaving it with 1 hit point remaining. The system is not destroyed but there will almost definitely be side effects.

Armour is not destroyed so if the system were to be hit again in a following turn but the shot was only at a strength of 4, then the armour would absorb all of the shot leaving the structure unharmed from that particular weapon.  This does not apply to raking style weapons, armour is disregarded after the first hit.

Also on the SCS are vital statistics for the ship. These are located in the box at the top. They include the cost of the ship, the number of crew, how fast the ship can go, etc.

You are required to name each Capital ship so that it is easier to keep track of them in battles and remember which is damaged. Also, you must claim one of your ships as your flagship.


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