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Some of the values may be changed at the discretion of the Head Game Master with or without notification. If this occurs, it affects ALL ships of this type, either existing or future unless otherwise noted. As a general rule, if the web page says something different than the Ship Control Sheet says, accept the value on the web page as the "true" value.

When looking at the damage a weapon does in the "Ship Control Sheet" it will be stated in a form such as: 4D10+10
This should be read the following way: Roll 4 10-sided dice and add 10 to that

Also note that some weapons lose strength over distance. This procedure is used to allow a strategy element to battles so that it isn't just whoever has the biggest and most powerful guns

Due to the size of the list and the pictures combined, this page is now broken down into individual sections for each race. Furthermore, you can choose to load either with pictures (fast connections) or without pictures (slow connections)

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