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It is possible to send sabotage missions to enemy systems. A sabotage mission can be used to steal credits, destroy ships and many other things. A sabotage mission can also be sent to foil an enemy diplomatic mission. 

Since you won't want such a mission to be known publicly, you must send an e-mail to with a subject of "Secret" or "Covert" or something along those lines. Included in the e-mail must be the following: 

Your user name 

The user name of the target player 

The destination of the mission 

The orders for the mission 

After a few turns, you will receive an e-mail stating whether your mission was succesful or not. If it was not, there is a chance that the enemy will now know that it was you that sent this mission. You can only have one sabotage mission in operation at one time. If your operative is killed it will take 1 week to get another one. 

With every secret mission that you do, there is a slight chance that an emeny informant will find out and then a message will appear on the post board stating that you attempted to do something in secret and it will say what you tried to do. 

Players are also able to do such things as build ships, move ships, and send diplomatic missions in secret. 

Certain things have a greater chance of being found out. Ship production runs the highest risk of being found out unless you do it at least 10 systems away from any other player's ships/planets.

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