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Included in the stats are whether the ship has a jump engine. Jump engines allow the ship to travel between sectors. The engines create a "gateway" into hyperspace (called a jump point) which ships may enter. Any number of ships may use a single jump point.

If the ship does not have a jump engine then it must be escorted by a ship that does if it wishes to travel between systems.

Also, jump engines take a certain amount of time to recharge after use. A jump point may not be formed until the engines are recharged. Recharge times vary for each ship class. For example:
The Earth Alliance Omega Destroyer has a listed jump delay of 20 battle turns. 

However, in the interest of saving time, all jump times are divided by 5. Therefore the Omega would actually only have a delay of 4 battle turns.

If a ship is travelling to an occupied system (owned by any of the players) then there will be a jump gate in that system. A jump gate is a structure floating in space that is, in essence, a  stationary jump point generator. The jump gate allows ships to pass through so that they do not have to use their own jump engines, forcing them to wait the required time to recharge.  The jump
gate has a recharge time of 4 turns.

When a jump point is formed during normal game play it may be entered that turn and the jump point closes that turn. However, during battle a player will state which ship is forming a jump point. During that turn the ship may not fire any weapons as it is putting all its power into forming the jump point. Then, a turn later the ship(s) may enter the jump point into hyperspace. In the following turn the jump point closes. Any ships attempting to enter the jump point during its closing sequence is automatically destroyed.

However, a player may chose to have the jump point stay open for an extended period of time. This is a fairly dangerous procedure as there is the possibility that the point will become naturally unstable and collapse unexpectedly. During the standard 1 turn the point is open there is no chance of collapse. During the second turn there is a 25% chance of collapse. During the third turn a 50% chance of collapse and so on.

Finally, if a ship is damaged there is the possibility that it will not be able to form the jump point at all. If this is true then the Game Master will inform you whether it was a success or not.

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