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To acquire more ships, a player must purchase them through a currency known as Mc. For an empire to acquire Mc it must be shipped to the Home world from the colonies. This is done through the Civilian Freighter.

Each original colony produces 120 Mc per turn. Any new colonies acquired during game play produce 60 Mc per turn unless it is otherwise noted. For a freighter to transport the Mc, it must simply go to the colonies sector then go back to the home world.

Freighters have a limited speed of 2 hexes per turn. Therefore if a colony is 2 hexes away from the homeworld, 2 freighters are required to ship the total as a freighter can carry 120 Mc. That would be 1 freighter picking up Mc and heading to homeworld and 1 freighter dropping Mc at homeworld and heading to the colony. (2 freighters would be needed for a new colony, even though it produces only 60 Mc.)

Consequently, for every additional hex a colony is away from the home world, 1 more freighters are required to transport all the Mc. (Again, 1 additional freighter would be needed for new colonies as well.)

If Mc is not picked up in a turn, that Mc is lost and can not be used. Therefore, it is recommended that you pick up all Mc.

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