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Interstellar Alliance

Interstellar Alliance Whitestar Attack Vessel

Interstellar Alliance Whitestar Attack Vessel

Whitestar Ship Control Sheet

Classification: Agile Medium

Value: 450 million credits

Crew: 28

Engines:  2 thrust/hex normal space
1 thrust/hex hyperspace
2 thrust/60 degree pivot
Jump engine
14 thrust available

Weapons: Forward:  1 Heavy Neutron cannon; covers: f, fr, fl
 1 Twin Fusion-Pulse cannon; covers: f, fr, fl


Left Side:  1 Twin Fusion-Pulse cannon; covers: f, fr, fl


Right Side:  1 Twin Fusion-Pulse cannon; covers: f, fr, fl


Hangar: 2 shuttles OR 2 fighters 

Description:  The Whitestar Class was built by the Minbari, but with some Vorlon help. It is a very small ship but amazingly maneuverable, and it has artificial gravity on board. There is one main beam weapon, plus 3 pulse cannons. But while it is incredibly powerful for its size, it has much less weapons power than most major capital ships. The Whitestar Class is also the smallest ship known that can open its own jump-point, making it very useful for smaller attacks and intelligence gathering missions. The Vorlon parts of the class are the computer system and its advanced tracking system. Another Vorlon feature is the semi-organic "learning" armor. It can to some degree adapt to certain weapons, absorbing some of the energy and leaving only physical impact damage. It is no match, however, for heavier weapons or beam weapons. Here yet another Vorlon feature comes into play, the auto-repair system. After sustaining damage, the system starts working on the problem, re-routing resources. This is, however, a time-consuming process, and will not work if the damage is too great. The normal crew complement of a Whitestar class is around 28. A Whitestar also has a small cargo bay capable of holding 2 shuttles or a 2 fighters.

Special:   The Whitestar uses a Bio-Organic hull technology borrowed from the Vorlons. This technology is represented by the Whitestar's ability to adapt to weapons. When the ship is hit by a type of weapon, every hit from then on take 1 hit point from the weapon damage. You can have a maximum of -3 on each weapon. This ship also has the ability to repair one hit point of damage per side of the ship per turn. The Whitestar has a jammer


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