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NOTE: The sim is currently on hold for the summer and will restart at some point after summer is over, as yet to be determined. 


 Any and ALL e-mails/joins will not be read immediately.  Please be patient, we will get to the eventually!!  You only need to submit your joins ONCE.  We DO receive them.  I don't plan on starting the sim in the immediate future, I want to write a program that will do a great many calculations for me so that I can have more players.  Thank you for your patience.



00-05-28  If everything goes according to schedule the sim should be running again in a little over a week.  However I seem to have many unexpected difficulties so this may change.  I am as of yet to finish the rules or create the stats for the GM ships.  I would greatly appreciate any comments or concerns about this new site and would gladly accept ideas for rules etc.  Please send them to


00-06-07 The sim is now up and running (I think).  I have decided to start the game in one week (Wed, June 14th) so sign up!  I urge everyone to read over the rules and ship stats and if you find any mistakes or think of suggestions please e-mail me!

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