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When players sign up they can be one of these races:

Each race has its own ship types and characteristics.

There are three additional races (GM Races):

Also, there is one more group that is not a race exactly. They are a group of pirates called the RAIDERS. They are also controlled by a game master.

When a players starts they have a certain amount of base ship classes available to them. As the game play goes on, certain players will receive MORE SHIP CLASSES.

A player, at the beginning, is allowed to purchase up to a maximum of 18 000 Mc worth of ships as long as the ships are available to the player's race and it is one of the beginning ship classes. These ships may be capital ships, fighters, civilian ships, defense satellites or any combination of the four as long as the total is no more than 18 000 Mc.

Each player starts with one home world, and 4 other systems (colonies). The beginning ships may start at any of these systems as long as it is specified. However, all ships purchased in the actual game must start at the home world.

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