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You may desire to form an Alliance with one or more of the players. If this is so then simply post a message with the subject of "Alliance Request" or something along those lines. You may also wish to "bribe" a player into an alliance with you by offering them ships or credits. Remember, every man has his price. 

There are some basic levels of alliance that can be achieved. Of course you may choose to modify them to the needs of the situation. If you do choose to modify an alliance rule, please consult a Game Master. 

The following types of alliance can be formed: 

Non-Aggression Pact - 

This is the lowest level alliance. It basically means that I won't kill you if you won't kill me. You may have any number of these.


Defense Alliance - 

This is the intermediate form of alliance. It basically means that if requested, you will be required to render military aid to your ally. You may have 1 of these alliances.


Full Alliance - 

This is almost exactly the same as a defense alliance except that you may build any ship classes belonging to your ally. The head Game Master must decide whether to allow this alliance to be formed. 

Also, if a player is already involved in a Full Alliance and they sign another one then all three players are in the same alliance.

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