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Greetings and welcome to the site! If you're a new visitor, then thank you for your interest. And, if you're a player then welcome back. 

This sim is loosely based on the board game "Babylon 5 Wars", more commonly referred to as "B5W". However, I have made many
modifications of it and essentially the only thing that remains the same are the ship stats and some of the battle rules. 

This sim is an turns based, empire ruling sim. Each player takes control of one of the main races (EA, Minbari, Centauri, Narn, ISA) and
develops their empire. Each player must manage ships, political situations, economic situations and many random events. The game has
no set path and goes in the direction that the players take it. 

There are 3 Game Masters in this sim: 

Alex Kroeze (Me):

I am the creator of this sim. I have a deep interest in Babylon 5, Star Trek, Star Wars and many other Sci-Fi shows. I have contributed a great deal of time to developing and refining this sim. I am the head Game Master and control the Vorlon Empire. When posting as the Vorlons, I will go under the alias of Kosh. Otherwise, I will be GM Kroeze. 


Tyler Shaw:

Tyler has an interest in Sci-Fi in general and will be controlling the Shadows. When posting for the Shadows, he will be under the alias of Romulus. Otherwise, he will be GM Shaw. 


Brandon Marsh:

Brandon is an avid sci-fi fan, he also enjoys anime, Monty Python, all sorts of games. Brandon will be controlling the Raiders. They will choose random targets and attack. They need no reason or provocation. And, with the proper persuasion, they can be convinced to attack a certain target (hint, hint). When post for the Raiders, he will be known as Cap'n Ash. Otherwise, he will be GM Marsh. 


In closing, I wish you all an enjoyable gaming experience. 

GM Kroeze 

Babylon 5, names, pictures, etc. are trademarks of Time Warner Entertainment Co., LP. No copyright infringement intended or implied. All other material not belonging to Time Warner is the property of Alex Kroeze.